Website Essentials Plan - Terms of Service

Company Information: HyperBoost USA LLC 1060 Fulton St #300 Fresno, CA

For inquiries, support, or additional information, please contact: Hyperboost USA

Email: [email protected]


1. Subscription and Pricing

a. The service is offered at a rate of $49/month. b. This fee includes web design, development, hosting, maintenance, and other services described herein. c. The hosting utilizes DigitalOcean, ensuring high bandwidth, fast hosting, regular backups, and scalable resources. d. The service is a month-to-month subscription with a mandatory 12-month commitment. e. After the initial 12-month term, the service will automatically renew on a monthly basis.

2. Cancellation Policy

a. Clients are free to cancel their subscription at any point after the 12-month period. b. Cancellations require a 30-day notice. c. Cancellation before completing the initial 12-month term will result in a prorated fee based on the remaining months. d. Clients will have a 15-day grace period in case of payment delays.

3. Payment Details

a. All payments will be processed through Stripe. b. In case of failed payments, clients will be notified and are expected to rectify the situation within the grace period. c. Continuous payment failures may lead to service termination.

4. Service Scope and Limitations

a. The service includes the design, development, and maintenance of a simple 3-page website. b. E-commerce integrations and heavy illustrations/animations are beyond the scope of this subscription. c. Regular maintenance includes minor changes, support, updates, and the addition of occasional images or content. d. Extensive overhauls or redesigns might incur additional costs. e. Any design or development request beyond the initial 3 pages will be considered out-of-scope and will either be rejected or will incur an additional fee.

5. Hosting and Data Management

a. Websites will be hosted using DigitalOcean droplets ensuring high bandwidth, fast hosting, regular backups, and scalable resources on-demand. b. Backups of the website data will be taken once a week. c. While we ensure best practices for data management, HyperBoost USA LLC will not be held responsible for any data loss. d. It’s the client’s responsibility to maintain a copy of their crucial data.

6. Uptime and Maintenance

a. HyperBoost USA LLC commits to using Uptime Robot for monitoring website uptime. b. We aim for the highest uptime possible, but occasional downtimes might occur due to maintenance or unforeseen technical glitches. c. We are not liable for any loss (financial or otherwise) due to website downtime.

7. Client’s Responsibilities

a. Clients should provide all necessary content, images, and specifics required for the website during the initial setup. b. Any delay in providing these might result in a delay in website launch. c. Client must review the website thoroughly after initial design and report any issues or required changes.

8. Content Ownership and Intellectual Property

a. The client retains ownership of all original content they provide. b. Any content created specifically for the client by HyperBoost USA LLC will transfer in ownership to the client upon full payment. c. Website templates, code, or any other assets used remain the property of their respective owners and are used under appropriate licenses.

9. Liability Limitations

a. HyperBoost USA LLC’s total liability for any claim arising out of or related to the service will be limited to the aggregate amount paid by the client during the 12-month period before such claim. b. We shall not be responsible for indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages.

10. Communication and Client Meetings

a. Primary Communication is via email, phone, or Zoom. b. Physical Meetings: We don’t conduct in-person meetings unless it’s an emergency. c. Travel Restrictions: Clients should not expect HyperBoost USA LLC representatives to travel. d. Emergencies will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

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